Injustice, and his parents Amadadp more …..


After the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces and their aggression against Lebanon in July 2006 in a war that we live in today, the aggression against the Gaza Strip by the Zionists, the same justifications and pretexts by supporters of the Zionist entity, religion Btanhm Hashem on Gaza did not distinguish between small and large, but their boldness and Ribauderies bombing the houses of God, without any Arab or Islamic movement to end the carnage that they will remain a stigma on the forehead of all systems, in particular, and the nation as a whole.
But the thing that brings together Iraq’s occupation and aggression against Lebanon, and finally the attack on the Gaza Strip full Hoaltoati by some Arab regimes with the Zionist entity and the United States to break the will of the resistance of the peoples of the region.
Butifull and could be argued that the invisible enemy, which has challenged the back of the nation and the honor, which brings us together is the close links with the religious and national …..
The sincerity of the poet, saying the Arab world
Injustice and his family more Amadadp
To initiate an impact Almhend
McCann brother still near historically poisoned dagger in the heart of the nation and Ojaddanha, as happened in the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate at the hands of pro-Din Ibn Allgemeine indirectly help reverse the capital of Mongolia and the Good committed the most heinous and the most terrible massacres recorded by history.
And the fall of the emirate of Granada Balondls which was the last bastion of Arab and Islamic Iberian Peninsula after the fall of the rest of the other emirates by the Spanish, and Grenada is a symbol of tenacity and strength in time for massage and delinquency of the emir, Abu Mohammed Abdullah II Reed Bastzlamh of inaction, and we N’Daw and Isabelle have not even tried to defend his regime and the people of Grenada, leaving their fate unknown to the enemy.
And some of these models and images that can be read in our history is full of sacrifices and plots, which is a great and similar to the current reality, which calls for a bitter disappointment
The humiliation and shame.
Here is our policy and, unfortunately, barter and betting on our brothers in Gaza, who will win and the pride of this barbarous war crazy that the Lebanese resistance emerged from the war last July and the failure of all regimes, which has refused any dialogue with him some of the customers the Arab regimes and the Zionist entity of money, too, which in any case.
It remains the official position of the Arab system ashamed to contribute to the widening gap between him and his people and his parents have raised a very serious, not people, but the referees did not religion mercy, Arab citizens, not only reminded them of the date will not be Mzablh mercy of God on the account, where all are rewarded with the same work.



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